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InJoy Internet Dialer

The InJoy Dialer™ is delivered electronically by downloading.
If you have any questions regarding your order please contact

How to order
First, choose an InJoy Dialer™ license-type.
If you don't already know the choices - click here>>
Second, check the price below.
If you are upgrading from a previous version - click here>>
Third, click "BUY NOW" to order.
For other methods of payment - click here>>
Price List
Number of Users   Basic     Extended     SOHO     Professional  
Single $ 35 - - -
2 - - $ 65 -
4 - $ 45 - -
5 - - $ 85 -
12 - - $ 99 -
25 - - - $ 199
50 - - - $ 299
100 - - - $ 399
Note: For a multi-platform edition of the Dialer (Windows, Linux & OS/2) - 50% is added to the price.
Note: InJoy Dialer™ is sold from the U.S. For non-business EU customers (without a VAT number), 25% Danish VAT is added.

How to upgrade
From a previous version (< 3.0) Older InJoy Dialer™ versions, bought through BMT Micro, can be upgraded by e-mailing The e-mail should indicate your existing software level and the new product of choice. The upgrade price is calculated as follows:

upgrade price = (new price - 50% of old payment)

3.x to more users and/or features To upgrade an existing version 3.0 license to more features or users, send an e-mail to The e-mail should indicate your existing software level and the new product of choice. The upgrade price is calculated as follows:

upgrade price = (difference in price + $10)

Other payment methods
Bank Transfer For payment via bank/wire transfer please send an e-mail to with your order. EU customers should add 25% VAT to the price OR include their business VAT number in the e-mail. See bank details below:

Bank name:Nordea
Bank addr.:Ahlgade 20,
DK-4300 Holbaek,
IBAN:DK642000 0306205056

PayPal Payments To order via paypal please send funds to and include your name, full address and product details. We will get back to you via e-mail, typically within 48 hours.

Note: PayPal does not offer VAT processing and is only recommended for none-EU citizens.

Credit Card Payments To order from F/X Communications (in Denmark), please fax the following information to +1 8153310699.

Card holder: Name, address, e-mail and phone number.
Credit Card: Type, number and expiration date.
Company: Name and VAT number.


Instant online delivery
Instant online ordering (on this page) is processed through our U.S distributor. Immediately after your credit card is cleared - you will receive an e-mail with the InJoy Dialer™ license key.

Other methods of payment

- Bank/Wire transfer
- Paypal
- Credit Card (direct from FX)

With InJoy Dialer you are protected against technical defects through our
30 day money back guarantee.
Refunds are subject to approval and
free of charge for the customer.
The InJoy Firewall™, InJoy Dialer™, FX IPSec Toolkit™,
and the IPAPI Packet Intercepting/NDIS Toolkit™ are registered trademarks of F/X Communications.
Copyright © 1996-2007 F/X Communications. All Rights Reserved.