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Injoy Firewall for OS/2 and eComStation

InJoy Firewall for OS/2

Against all odds, the IBM OS/2® Warp operating system continues to be in niche use by both home-users and many of the world's largest enterprises, including prominent financial, medical and government organizations.

Through new and unique levels of security, unmatched control and cross-platform unified operation, the InJoy Firewall™ completes OS/2 as a viable Internet server platform for the mission-critical business environment.

OS/2 Firewall - Security Benefits

Because of OS/2's hardened features, its proven networking capabilities, and the small user-base, it provides a considerably smaller surface for mainstream attacks and a less approachable platform for hackers.

For example, OS/2® was never affected by MyDoom, Code Red, Nimda, Klez, MSBlaster and other similar attacks. OS/2® has yet to see its first widespread virus attack and as the natural consequence, a number of consultancy companies throughout the globe successfully provide OS/2® based InJoy firewall™ solutions to companies where safe operation is of the outmost importance.

"We believe todays IT has to be 100% reliable, secure and customizable. Consequently we rely on proven technology like OS/2® (eCS). Through our partnership with F/X we can capitalize on our knowledge and deploy a durable solution where you don't have to worry about the next virus or hacker attack."
-- Silvan Scherrer,
Aroa Informatik AG

InJoy Firewall™ Benefits

Users of the OS/2® Operating Systems have already been using the InJoy Firewall for a number of years. They enjoy unique usability benefits, stability and operational features rarely found in any software:

  • The most reliable and comprehensive os2 firewall security solution available for the OS/2® market - period.

  • An integrated solution with a wide range of connectivity features, such as PPPoE,IPSec, PPTP and DHCP served connections. It's a highly customizable solution that includes all the features and yet remains easy to understand and use. Being standards-compliant, InJoy os2 firewall interaction with other vendors' products and services is assured.

  • Enterprise-class security that takes you much further than the traditional stealthing of the PC and blocking of ports. The InJoy firewall™ next-generation security combines static firewall rules with behavioral rules technology, providing you with the ultimate detection of subtle network attacks.

  • Time invested into learning the InJoy firewall™ on one platform is directly transferable to any of the other supported platforms. If your Server runs Linux and you prefer OS/2®, then simply install the Firewall Server on Linux and use the Firewall GUI on the OS/2® desktop machine.

  • Seamless integration with the Linux and Windows platforms allows businesses and individuals to maximize existing investments in software and hardware.

  • Cross platform support eases migration toward a single operating system and allows different OS platforms to communicate safely across the public Internet. Strategic OS/2® applications can continue to co-exist with Linux or Windows networks, without falling outside the security policy.

Proven Track Record

The award-winning InJoy products have dominated the OS/2® connectivity and security scene since their introduction in 1996.

For more than 5 consecutive years, the InJoy products have consistantly ranked among the top-sellers and because of the continuously-expanding feature set, the mission-critical stability and long-lasting support, it has served more OS/2® users than probably any other application.

The leading position is further illustrated by the fact that F/X Communications was selected by both Nortel Networks and Cisco Systems as their exclusive VPN software partner for their enterprise OS/2 customers.

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OS/2 Firewall


  • OS/2 Warp 3 and 4
  • Warp Server/e-Business
  • eComStation™ 1.x, 2.x


  • At least 1 network card
  • 133MHz Pentium or higher
  • 32MB of RAM
  • 60MB of free disk space
  • TCP/IP 4.0e or newer
  • Warp 4+ for PPPoE/PPTP

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