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Injoy Firewall - IPSec VPN

IPSec VPN Client / Server Support

Transparent, standards-based cross-platform unified IPSec technology, extends the InJoy Firewall™ with capability of building VPN's and secure channels — allowing corporations to deploy it either as a VPN Gateway or as a secure VPN Client.

InJoy Firewall - IPSec VPN Wizard With the simple IPSec VPN Wizard, even beginners can now set up a company-wide VPN.

InJoy Firewall - IPSec VPN Support - Flash Demo

An IPSec VPN uses modern encryption and authentication technologies to keep the data that it carries private — hidden from public view and completely protected against unauthorized access or theft. Learn more>>

InJoy Firewall - IPSec VPN benefits

Technology from one of the world's leading IPSec Toolkit providers extends the InJoy Firewall™ with unique IPSec benefits:
  • Easy to use and designed to boost your productivity. Includes step-by-step GUI based configuration, a built-in user database, deployment examples, and a wealth of convenience features. Learn more>>

  • Seamlessly installed and optional, the InJoy IPSec™ is implemented as a modular plugin. Simply opt not to load it and it won't take up resources or add complexity.

  • IPSec Client and Gateway support in one application eases the configuration on both ends.

  • Firewall Integration to specifically filter, log and otherwise control IPSec traffic. To further ease the setup of a popular configuration, the InJoy Firewall™ even includes a pre-configured security level that blocks all non-IPSec traffic.

  • Cross-platform unified operation ensures fast deployment throughout the organization.

  • Standards-based and third party interoperable. Tested with public test engines and an extensive range of market-leading VPN solutions.
Ready-for-business sample configuration and comprehensive documentation ensures rapid deployment.

Cisco Systems InJoy IPSec™ was selected by both Nortel Networks and Cisco Systems as their exclusive VPN software partner for their enterprise OS/2 customers.

InJoy Firewall - IPSec VPN Features

InJoy IPSec™ includes all the latest features and a comprehensive palette of business-ready protocols:

  • High-grade encryption standards, including U.S. government adopted AES (Advanced Encryption Standard), 3DES, Blowfish, DES and NULL encryption.

  • Powerful Authentication through Pre-Shared Keys (PSK), Extended Authentication (X-Auth), RSA signatures, x.509 Digital Certificates and Group Authentication. Password prompting supported to avoid storing of passwords on the harddisk.

  • External Authentication provides possibility to store password and other sensitive data in an external storage, like MySQL.

  • NAT Traversal facilitates easy IPSec deployment over NAT connections.

  • IP Compression delivers maximum bandwidth through LZS or DEFLATE compression.

  • Dynamic IP (Road Warrior) Support allows you to accept IPSec connections from hosts whose IP addresses you do not know in advance.

  • Split tunneling allows a host to maintain tunneled VPN communications with other hosts in the VPN while at the same time communicating with public Internet hosts directly, outside the tunnel. This reduces both processing and traffic overhead on the private network.

  • Virtual IP allows the VPN administrator to assign an internal (virtual) IP address to any IPSec client to unify the internal IP address range.

  • Fail-over and Fall-back allows InJoy IPSec to "fail-over" to another VPN Server when the primary one fails, and then "fall-back" to the primary VPN Server when it starts working again. Additionally, Path MTU Discovery technology support provides smooth operation in aggressive IP networks with MTU (Maximum Transmissions Unit) sizes lower than usual.

  • Wide protocol support, including manual and automatic key exchange, tunnel and transport mode, main-mode and aggressive mode.

Deployment and user friendly

Interoperability issues inspired the creation of the 100% standards-based multi-platform InJoy Firewall™ product, with which complicated VPN configuration, IPSec interoperability issues, and multi-platform concerns are a thing of the past.

Step-by-step GUI Configuration Wizard If your IPSec VPN requirements include tunneling, encryption, authentication, a simple user-database, a single network at each location, and a number of remote VPN Clients, then use the new VPN Wizard to simplify configuring InJoy IPSec at each of the endpoints.

The VPN Wizard makes use of preconfigured templates for both the VPN Server and Client. The Server is configured to accept connections from both fixed and dynamic IP addresses, even through a NAT Gateway. It authenticates the VPN Clients through Preshared Keys (a password) and through the user-account based Extended Authentication protocol.

You decide what encryption standard to use, specify what network is behind each IPSec endpoint, maintain the IPSec VPN user database and assign a Virtual IP address to the remote VPN Clients directly from the VPN Wizard.

The VPN Wizard configuration can be carried out locally or remotely, allowing the network administrator to maintain a complete VPN network from a central location.

Tunnel Workshop For complicated VPN configurations, InJoy Firewall™ supports both local and remote configuration of the Security Association database. Live on-screen help and ready-to-use samples provide the ease of use required by busy professionals.

InJoy Firewall - IPSec Tunnel Workshop

Rapid deployment Comprehensive documentation, a VPN case study and a wealth of deployment examples enable rapid deployment. External utility programs, on-the-fly configuration updates and the possibility of plain text configuration enables easy administration and maintenance.
Extra Productivity The Maximum Segment Size (MSS) auto adjust feature prevents the administrative nightmare of IPSec introduced MTU problems. Perfect integration with the Firewall enables you to define security policies that affect IPSec users only.
Monitoring Once IPSec is configured, you can make use of the IPSec monitoring capabilities to locally or remotely monitor IPSec tunnels, internal users that have made use of the tunnels and IPSec security logs:

InJoy Firewall - IPSec Tunnels

WITHOUT THE INJOY FIREWALL™, configuring a modern VPN that spans multiple OS platforms, network devices and network topologies is a major challenge!

It requires you to:

  • License proper products - often from multiple vendors.
  • Define an even VPN configuration, among un-even products.
  • Ensure the products yield the latent capacity for your company's future expansion.
  • Learn multiple products.

You may end up discovering product incompatibilities, steep learning curves and software vendors that end up blaming each other for their problems.

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  • Easy Configuration
  • Multi-Platform interoperable
  • Central/Remote configuration
  • Both Server/Client Mode
  • AES/DES/3DES/BlowFish
  • Hardware acceleration
  • Up to 1000 tunnels
  • Split tunneling
  • Dynamic IP support
  • Built-in User Database
  • NAT Traversal
  • IP Compression
  • RSA Signatures
  • x.509 Digital Certificates
  • X-Authentication v4/v6
  • Virtual IP
  • Fault-Tolerant (fail-over)
  • Standards-Based
  • Monitoring and logging
  • Firewall Integration

    Read more>>


  • Cisco IOS 12.2
  • Cisco PIX
  • Cisco VPN5008
  • Cisco VPN3060
  • Cisco VPN3000
  • CheckPoint
  • Nortel Contivity 2.6+
  • Linux FreeS/WAN
  • FreeBSD IPSec
  • PGPNet
  • F-Secure
  • SafeNet/Soft-PK
  • Windows 2000/XP/2003
  • L2TP/IPSec Client (win98)
  • IBM Firewall
  • TimeStep Permit/Gate
  • Borderware 6.0+
  • Cisco VPN 62xx
  • NetScreen
  • More...

    Interoperability Guides>>

  • "The InJoy products enable Contivity to extend its IPSec client support beyond the traditional base of MS-Windows users, allowing a larger community of users to benefit from Contivity's VPN capabilties."

    Jonathan Lewis
    Contivity Product Manager
    Nortel Networks

    "After implementing InJoy Firewall™ Enterprise Edition at two 100-user offices and one 25-user office, all I can say is that I am absolutely thrilled with the product. The IPSec VPN support allowed us to do away with leased lines and the firewall protected gateway capability provides secure Internet access for the internal users. It's powerful, yet easy to use and rock solid. The security level dialog allows me to immediately set up the required protection on a new site, and using the remote GUI I can check back later to monitor or fine-tune the security. Since the GUI and the text configuration files are exactly the same across all platforms, it makes it really easy to add new users. We also bought the InJoy Dialer™ and use it as a VPN solution for our mobile/home users. Great job! Keep up with the great work!"

    Myron Prociak
    Systems Manager
    Design Communications Ltd

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    and the IPAPI Packet Intercepting/NDIS Toolkit™ are registered trademarks of F/X Communications.
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