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Injoy Firewall

Broadband / PPPoE Client Support

The InJoy Firewall™ supports a wide range of external Internet connections, including, but not limited to xDSL, Cable, dedicated T1 circuits, Frame Relay and even satelite connections. The InJoy Firewall™ can also be used on internal networks to separate two network segments or to provide custom scecurity on special PCs.

Multiple Access Technologies

Ethernet Based Connections The InJoy Firewall™ supports Ethernet based connections of any type, with either static or DHCP served IP numbers.
PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE) A growing number of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are implementing PPPoE to replace the static IP addressing or DHCP systems that do not offer authentication, billing, or service differentiation.

With the seamlessly integrated InJoy PPPoE plugin, users enjoy automated link monitoring, demand connections, and scripting in order to maximize the use of dynamic IP addresses.

InJoy Firewall - PPPoE Properties

  • Complete PPPoE Feature List
  • Point to Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) Using the Point to Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP), you can dial the Internet service providers that rely on this protocol, or use PPTP tunneling to connect to the corporate network via the Internet. PPTP support is the InJoy Firewall™ is primarily included to provide connectivity to the still limited number of ISPs that rely on this protocol. The IPSec protocol is recommended over PPTP for Virtual Private Networks.

  • Complete PPTP Feature List
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    PPPoE/PPTP Features:

  • Highly compatible
  • Seamlessly integrated
  • Link quality monitoring
  • (Dis)Connect scripts
  • Re-Connect
  • Multiple ISP profiles
  • Connection control
  • Dyn-IP Firewall suppport
  • PPPoE demand connections
  • Powerful stand-alone PPP
  • PAP, MS-CHAP (v2)
  • Idle and Session timeout
  • More...

  • "I want my zoo of operating systems protected from the outside world, and the outside world protected from local machines going crazy. I don't like blackbox "Internet-routers", maybe because I'm used to having a maximum of flexibility. This flexibility comes at a price, usually: Wade through man pages, search usenet and become an expert on any of the separate tools used to shape traffic, establish a PPPoE connection, do NAT and firewall your interfaces. Which, of course, depends on the platform you use. Mine are plenty, and I need a no-frills, all-inclusive, flexible and reliable solution. Multi-platform with some GUI, please."

    Marco Steinbach

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